More than 90,000 people took part in a nationwide demonstration in France

About 92,500 people took part in the first nationwide demonstration in France after the summer break. Of these, 9,100 took part in the protest in Paris, reported BFMTV.

The demonstration was organized by the trade unions CGT, CFDT, FO, CFE-CGC, Unsa, FCU, CFTC and Solidaires. The protesters demanded to raise wages due to accelerating inflation, to make the rights of men and women equal, and to improve the quality of public services.

In Paris, demonstrators carried posters with the inscriptions “Increase our salaries, not civil servants!”, “Spending your whole life to earn money for it – no!”, “Macron is the president of the rich,” “Wars, inflation, climate: workers must overthrow capitalism !

According to RIA Novosti, protesters in columns arranged disorder. Some broke windows – their actions were stopped by the police.

In the spring, more than half (69%) of French respondents expressed regret about the re-election of Emmanuel Macron as president of the country. In response to the question about what words are associated with Macron’s activities, respondents most often named disagreement (44%), anger (39%) and hostility (26%). The survey was conducted April 22-24 among 1,002 people over 18 years of age.

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