MK: experienced summer residents told how to safely remove snow from the roof

Snow caps on the roofs of country houses in the Moscow region have already reached half a meter this year, although it is only the middle of winter. Summer residents shared their tips for removing snow with MK.

Few summer residents know that there is a special standard for cleaning the roof from snow and ice. Professional builders say that snow cover more than 10 cm thick creates a serious load on the house. Snow may also fall off the roof, causing injury to people. Therefore, the roof must be cleared of snow, and with snowfalls such as this year, this will need to be done several times a season.

Experienced summer resident Sergei Vasiliev spoke about how he clears snow. He advised that before starting work, remove equipment and all household equipment from the surrounding area and make sure that there are no children or pets nearby.

Sergei said that the roof of a small area can be cleared of snow using a rope. It should be long and strong. One end of it needs to be secured around the chimney, sinking it into the snow, and the other end, standing below, needs to be controlled: cut off the snow in layers and pull it towards you.

Other summer residents have also come up with many different devices for clearing snow from the roof. For example, blogger Maxim Borovsky attached a corner made of a thin sheet of metal to a long stick, or you can make a rectangular attachment. He glued a long strip of sliding fabric to it with “liquid nails.” The metal cuts off piece by piece of snow and it slides down the fabric or film. Such devices are also available in stores.

Maxim Borovsky also advised clearing the greenhouse of snow. It is also necessary to vacate all old buildings – bathhouses, barns. There are probably rotten rafters there that could break under the load of snow. Such a roof may leak in the spring or will have to be completely replaced. Modern new houses, which are built by professional companies, are not in danger even with such snow cover, because they can withstand a lot of snow.

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