“Mistress” Meladze told the truth about her relationship with the producer

Recently it became known that the marriage of Konstantin Meladze and Vera Brezhneva collapsed. The Ukrainian singer stole the producer from a family with three children. The reasons for the divorce are rumored to be different. Some decided that he had a young mistress. People thought that the 60-year-old composer had contacted his new ward, who was the soloist of the new VIA Gra line-up, 22-year-old Sofia Tarasova. This was reported by Moskovsky Komsomolets.

For now, Konstantin Meladze’s project “VIA gra” has been paused, and it is not clear whether it will start again. People are still talking about the group, not least because of suspicions of an affair between Meladze and Tarasova.

In an interview, the girl stated that her friends send her such rumors. She herself does not read them, but now she must explain the whole situation.

The artist said that with Konstantin Meladze they released a song that was being prepared for another project. Then there was a fuss about why the lead singer of the group “VIA Gra” released a song with Kostya, although it’s unclear what’s happening with the musical group now.

Sofia stated that she is connected with Meladze only by work, music, and he is, first of all, a mentor. She said that there could be no talk of any feelings.

Tarasova stated that Konstantin gave her something that she would not have received in other production projects. In her opinion, when a person is narrow-minded, the only justification that he can find in all this is that everything is done for money or through bed.

It turned out that Tarasova has a man. They often publish content together. However, users do not believe the girl and believe that her boyfriend is only a cover, and she is having an affair with Meladze

“I don’t hide my relationship, but people somehow think that I broke up my family,” the artist is indignant.

It was previously reported that the participant of “The Voice. Children” Anikeeva named the reason why she chose Meladze on the project. According to the girl, she didn’t listen to Basta because her mother always listened to only two artists in the car: Grigory Leps and Valery Meladze. For her, Valery Meladze was simply an idol and therefore she chose him as a mentor. Read more about this in material Public News Service.

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