Military expert Dandykin: Bayraktar drone failed in Ukraine

In the combat zone in Ukraine, the Turkish-made Bayraktar reconnaissance drone demonstrated its ineffectiveness. Military expert and first-rank reserve captain Vasily Dandykin stated this during a conversation with

“<...> the much-touted Turkish-made Bayraktar reconnaissance drone failed,” the expert said.

Dandykin noted that currently nothing has been heard about this UAV, whereas in the early stages of the conflict it was considered a miracle weapon of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. A similar fate befell the American armored personnel carrier of the 60s.

In addition, the “homegrown products” of the Ukrainian defense industry also turned out to be ineffective. In particular, we are talking about the modernized “Hammer” mortar, which is torn apart by the use of mines. The Ukrainian BTR-4 based on the Soviet armored personnel carrier can also be considered ineffective technology, Dandykin concluded.

Earlier, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation Tatyana Vasilyeva spoke about the inclusion of a module on technologies for working with unmanned aerial vehicles in the school curriculum of “Labor” lessons. Read more on the topic read the material Public News Service.

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