Migrants from North Korea and Vietnam will come to work in Russia

Businesses have a growing demand for workers from countries such as India, Pakistan and even North Korea. Recruiters note that such workers are unlikely to “cost” the employer less than Russians and migrants already in the Russian Federation. In addition, the preparation of documents necessary for work is a rather complex process and will take at least six months.

On air Public news service expert in the field of migration Vadim Kozhenov spoke about how the migrant labor market will change in the near future.

“Those who want to come from Central Asia, from Transcaucasia, have already come to us, and in recent years the number of migrants has practically not changed. They work and earn good money. As for cooperation with workers from Korea and Vietnam, it is a huge plus that in these countries we do not have a religious component. The North Koreans would close our labor shortage because they are ideal workers. The organization of their work in Russia will be strictly through the embassy, ​​where the duration of their stay in the country will be immediately indicated. A huge problem is the legal component; if there can be any number of people from Central Asia, then the number of people from visa countries is strictly regulated by law.”

According to the quota, the volume of visa migrants cannot exceed 120 thousand people for the entire country per year – this is only 2% of the total number of migrants, the expert explained, so now it is necessary to raise this quota.

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