Menshikov went out with his wife for the first time in a long time

Oleg Menshikov and Anastasia Chernova attended the premiere of the film “Nonnormal” in Moscow.

The appearance of this couple at a social event was a significant event, since they have not appeared in public since November 2023. Actor and his 40-year-old wife looked fashionable and stylish in their black and white outfits. Oleg Menshikov chose wide trousers, a loose long shirt and a vest with white lettering, while Anastasia wore a cardigan and skinny jeans.

It is worth noting that Menshikov is not a participant in the film, but he probably came to support his colleagues.

By the way, the actors have been together for 20 years; they met in 2003 at a concert by Mikhail Zhvanetsky. Oleg Menshikov said that before meeting Anastasia he had affairs, but it was with her that everything changed.

However, Anastasia Chernova did not become a popular actress. Menshikov claimed that this happened because of him, because she refused roles because of her husband.

Earlier, actor Nazarov, who left Russia, was demanded to be recognized as a foreign agent. More details in material Public News Service.

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