Medvedev accused the West of remaining silent on Israel’s request to evacuate Gaza residents

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev accused Western countries of bashful silence in response to Israel’s request to evacuate more than 1 million Gaza civilians to the south of the strip. This is what he’s talking about wrote in your Telegram channel.

“More than a million Gazans must urgently evacuate to the south of the strip at the request of the Israeli army. All “Western partners” are bashfully silent,” he wrote and asked a rhetorical question what the West’s reaction would be if Russia asked to evacuate one of the major cities in Ukraine.

On the morning of October 13, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) called Gaza civilians evacuate south from Wadi Gaza. They explained this need by the Israeli army’s intention to continue to strike Hamas targets. It is clarified that militants are hiding in Gaza in tunnels under houses in which civilians are located.

The UN then called the Israeli army’s call for the evacuation of Gaza civilians to the south “impossible” and called for it to be cancelled. About it it says in a statement by Ravina Shamdasani, spokeswoman for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

“This order affects more than a million Palestinians, including children, the elderly and the sick, forcing them to move with little or no transportation and little guarantee of their safety amid ongoing fighting. We support the call by the Secretary-General’s Spokesperson to reverse this decision to avoid a catastrophic situation,” the statement said.

According to UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric, this requirement applies to the 1.1 million civilians in Gaza (a total of 2.3 million people live in the region, writes Reuters), as well as to all UN employees and those sheltering at UN facilities, including schools. and hospitals. Dujarric said the UN “deems such a transfer impossible without devastating humanitarian consequences.”

The UN also emphasized that the blockade of the Gaza Strip, which began on October 9, has already led to over 250,000 civilians being forced to flee their homes.

The IDF has been carrying out strikes on the Gaza Strip since October 7, after the Palestinian group Hamas began fighting against Israel. Against the backdrop of the militant attack, the IDF launched Operation Iron Swords, and the country went into a state of war. 300,000 reservists were also mobilized.

October 9 Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant gave order to implement a complete blockade of Gaza. On October 8, the electricity supply was stopped, and on October 9, the water supply was interrupted. October 11 also stopped The only power plant in the Gaza Strip is operating due to fuel depletion. October 12, Israeli Energy Minister Israel Katz statedthat Gaza will remain without electricity and water supplies until Hamas militants release the captured Israelis.

According to the latest data, the death toll in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has exceeded 2,800 people. The death toll on the Israeli side reached 1,300 people; on the Palestinian side, it exceeded 1,500.

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