Media: Egypt sent a ceasefire proposal to Israel and Palestine


Egypt has sent a prisoner exchange proposal to Israel and Palestine, which also includes a temporary ceasefire. About it reports Sky News Arabia.

Cairo is making efforts to conclude an agreement on the exchange of prisoners between Tel Aviv and the Palestinian group Hamas. According to the TV channel, we are talking about the release of women and children between the parties. It is clarified that women captured by Hamas can be released provided that they are not of military age and are not members of the Israeli army.

Sky News Arabia notes that Egypt has not yet received a final response on the deal from both sides.

On the morning of October 7, Hamas began military operations against Israel. The militants attacked army border units and entered Israeli populated areas, where they captured an unknown number of hostages, both military and civilian.

The Israeli Army (IDF) responded by launching Operation Iron Swords, and the Israeli government announced that the country had entered a state of war. Earlier today, the IDF announced the restoration of control over all populated areas of Israel and the transition to the phase of the complete destruction of Hamas.

Israeli Ambassador to Moscow Alexander Ben Zvi statedthat Hamas captured a large number of people during the attack, including Russian citizens. October 9, press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov reportedthat the Russian Embassy in Israel has no information about the injured Russians. Diplomats are also working with the Palestinian authorities to clarify the fate of Russian citizens living in PNA territory.


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