Media: Chinese companies have reduced supplies of drones and their components to Ukraine

Chinese companies producing drones and components have reduced supplies to Ukraine after Beijing imposed export restrictions on September 1. writes The New York Times, citing trade data and the Ukrainian military.

“We are studying all possible ways to export drones from China, because no matter what they say, they produce them the most,” one of the Ukrainian Armed Forces officers told the publication.

As the publication notes, the Ukrainian side is actively using small devices intended for ordinary people for military purposes. We are talking about Chinese companies EHang, Autel, DJI, etc. The latter, according to analysts, accounts for more than 90% of the civilian drone market.

As a result, Chinese companies still wanting to sell drones to Ukraine have begun requiring buyers to use complex networks of intermediaries. The Ukrainian Armed Forces, the publication notes, are losing about 10,000 devices per month, and China’s export restrictions could exacerbate the problems of the Ukrainian supply chain ahead of winter.

On the introduction of export controls on drones and their components from the fall by the Chinese Ministry of Trade reported at the end of July. Restrictions were imposed on the export of a number of aircraft engines, lasers, radars, as well as anti-drone systems and other goods that “have a significant impact on national security.”

Exporters of this equipment must go through licensing procedures and submit an application to the ministry, providing documents including information about the end user of the goods. After this, the agency and other departments will evaluate the application and make a decision on the export of products.

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