McAdams explains why she turned down a Mean Girls reunion

Lindsay Lohan, Lacey Chabert and Amanda Seyfried have revived their characters from the 2004 film in a new ad for Walmart. However, Rachel McAdams, who played Regina George, did not appear there.

Rachel explained the reason for her refusal in an interview with Variety:

Cinema is great, of course, but I’ve never acted in advertising and didn’t feel like it was for me. Plus, I didn’t even know they were doing a commercial for Walmart. I would have been glad to participate in the meeting of “Mean Girls” and communicate with them, but, unfortunately, I found out about it too late.


In the ad, Lindsay Lohan once again brings to life the character of Cady Heron, who works as a career counselor at North Shore High School. Amanda Seyfried plays reporter Karen Smith, and Lacey Chabert reprises her role as Gretchen Wieners.

Additionally, the world is currently gearing up for the release of the musical version of the film Mean Girls. Rachel McAdams expressed her willingness to take part in this project, but she and director Tina Fey could not find a common language when creating ideas.

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