Matvienko proposed a dialogue on Ukraine to the Vice-President of the European Parliament

At the session on sustainable development of the G20 parliamentary forum in New Delhi (India), Chairman of the Federation Council (FC) Valentina Matvienko invited Vice-President of the European Parliament Nicola Beer to discuss the special operation of the Russian Federation in response to her accusations in the Ukrainian crisis.

Matvienko stated that “it was the West that staged a coup d’etat in Ukraine and provoked the internal Ukrainian crisis,” and “instead of dialogue with its citizens who did not accept the new Nazi regime, the coup d’etat, the Kiev regime shelled, bombed, and killed civilians of Donbass, women for eight years , children.” According to her, “no one has ever condemned such actions against civilians.”

“For eight years, Russia has been trying to reach out to everyone, calling for Kyiv to be forced to a peaceful political settlement of the crisis. Everyone pretended to agree, but instead of forcing peace, all these years the West has been supplying a huge amount of weapons, deadly weapons, which today continue to kill civilians in Ukraine and provide hundreds of billions of dollars in so-called aid, thereby provoking the situation instead of ending it,” Matvienko said.

She called Bir’s accusations against Russia unacceptable and unfair. “We didn’t start this war. We declared a special military operation to end it. To protect civilians, save their lives. If Madam Deputy Speaker of the European Parliament is ready for a discussion, I am ready to conduct it with you in detail, in pictures. Please, I invite you to such a dialogue,” concluded the Chairman of the Federation Council.

The G20 Parliamentary Forum in India takes place on October 12-14. The theme of the event is “One Earth. One family. One future.” Valentina Matvienko heads the Russian delegation.

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