Matvienko named the reasons for the slowdown in the transition to green energy

The transition to green energy is difficult due to attempts by a number of states to monopolize and politicize this topic, said Chairman of the Federation Council (FC) Valentina Matvienko at the G20 parliamentary forum in New Delhi (India).

“Attempts to “reshape” the global energy market have led to a sharp increase in the cost of resources and a limitation of their supply. It has reached the point of direct connivance with sabotage at energy infrastructure facilities – I mean the explosion on the Nord Stream gas pipeline and others, the investigation of which is not transparent and is simply closed for political reasons. This, of course, needs to be stopped,” she said at the session “Transition to Sustainable Energy: Gateway to a Green Future.”

Also, according to Matvienko, sanctions have a detrimental effect on the market. “This is a dead-end path, and, ultimately, the initiators themselves suffer from the sanctions. The rate of economic growth in the Eurozone, for example, has decreased significantly due to the rejection of cheap Russian resources. Instead of a “green transition” now, abandoning nuclear energy, a number of countries are now returning to the operation of “dirty” coal power plants,” noted the Chairman of the Federation Council.

The Russian economy, on the contrary, is confidently recovering, she said. Matvienko confirmed Russia’s readiness “to achieve a solution to the strategic task of ensuring complete carbon neutrality by 2060.”

The G20 Parliamentary Forum in India takes place on October 12-14. The theme of the event is “One Earth. One family. One future.” Valentina Matvienko heads the Russian delegation. The delegation includes First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Andrei Turchak, Deputy Chairman Konstantin Kosachev and member of the Committee on Agricultural and Food Policy and Environmental Management Tatyana Gigel, as well as State Duma deputies.

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