Mash: in Adygea, the ceiling collapsed on children during a lesson

In Adygea, the ceiling collapsed on third-graders during class. This was reported by the Kub Mash Telegram channel.

The incident occurred during a literature lesson in the third grade in the urban village of Enem. Plaster fell from the ceiling onto the schoolchildren. One student was taken to hospital with a bruised shoulder. The children said that before the incident, the walls in the classroom were shaking.

Parents of schoolchildren said that the ceiling collapsed due to the fact that the toilet, which is located on the floor above, was being repaired. The toilet is being repaired during classes. The mother of one of the students said that from Monday the children will be transferred to study in another wing of the school.

Earlier it was reported that in a supermarket in the Sverdlovsk region the ceiling fell on a pensioner. The incident occurred in a store on Yubileinaya Street, 16. A woman was choosing groceries when a tile fell on her and dirty water poured out. The victim required medical help. Read more about this in material Public News Service.

Message Mash: in Adygea, the ceiling collapsed on children during a lesson appeared first on Public news service.

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