Mash: A pensioner who set fire to a voting booth was detained in Moscow

IN Moscow Law enforcement officers detained a pensioner who set fire to a ballot box at a polling station in Maryino. The Mash Telegram channel reports this.

According to the Shot Telegram channel, an elderly resident of the capital set fire not to a ballot box, but to a voting booth.

In the footage posted by the channel, one can see how a woman poured a flammable liquid onto a screen, set it on fire and began filming what was happening with her mobile phone camera.

Mash is of the opinion that the pensioner could have done this work on the order of telephone scammers from Ukraine.

Now the pensioner faces from 3 to 5 years in prison under the article on obstructing the provision of voting rights or the work of election commissions, or up to 10 years under the article on high treason if the existence of the customer is proven.

Earlier in St. Petersburg, a local resident threw a Molotov cocktail on the territory of a polling station. The incident occurred in the Moscow district of the Northern capital.

As noted in the message, at approximately 15:00 a St. Petersburg woman threw a flammable object on the porch of school No. 358. Read more in material Public News Service.

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