Macron called on Ukraine’s allies to give new impetus to support for Kyiv

French President Emmanuel Macron said Kyiv’s Western allies should be more active in providing military assistance. His speech was broadcast on the Elysee Palace page on the X social network.

In Paris, today, February 26, a meeting of heads of state and government is taking place on issues of supporting Ukraine. It was organized by Macron.

The French President explained that the position of the Ukrainian army on the battlefield is becoming more difficult every day.

In this regard, Macron pointed out the following: “The allies must be more active in supporting Kyiv. This involves making strong decisions.”

According to the Western press, the EU was unable to fulfill its communication and provide Kyiv with a million ammunition. It is noted that the European Union managed to provide only 30 percent of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, since the military-industrial complex of European countries cannot produce the artillery shells Kyiv needs in such quantities.

Earlier, the official representative of the German Cabinet, Christiane Hofmann, said that the participants in the meeting on Ukraine in Paris would “send a certain signal” to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Read more about this in material Public News Service.

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