Lukoil shares rose above 7,500 rubles after news of the decision on dividends

At the next meeting, the Board of Directors of Lukoil will decide on the payment of dividends from January to September 2023. Against the backdrop of the news, the price of shares exceeded 7,500 rubles. per paper and reached a historical maximum.

From the company’s message on the website of the Corporate Information Disclosure Center it follows that the meeting of the board of directors will be held on October 26. The agenda includes determining the amount of dividends and the procedure for paying them to shareholders.

By 15:19 Moscow time, Lukoil shares on the Moscow Exchange had risen in price to 7525.5 rubles. The increase was 1.9% compared to the closing price of the main trading session the day before. The key index of the trading platform reached 3239.18 points (-0.25%), oil and gas – 9220.63 points (+0.65%). Since the beginning of the year, the company’s quotes have increased by almost 85%, the main benchmark – by 50.39%, the oil and gas index – by 62.97%.

An increase in Lukoil shares of almost 4% was recorded on the stock exchange on October 11. Experts interviewed by Vedomosti noted that the reason for the jump could be an insider’s report about the company’s approval of the buyback of securities from non-residents. At the end of August, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak confirmed that representatives of the oil company had approached the authorities with a request to carry out the deal.

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