Lubinets: Israel agreed to allow the evacuation of foreigners from the Gazi Strip two years before the start

The Ministry of Health of Israel on Saturday, two years before the planned evacuation of Ukrainians and other foreigners from the Gazi Strip, for obvious reasons, gave such permission.

Dzherelo: Respect of the Supreme Court for the sake of human rights Dmitro Lubinets on the air of the telethon

Straight language: “Yesterday, official reinforcements documented the evacuation of the citizens of Ukraine, as well as other citizens of foreign powers who were responsible for crossing the Rafah crossing point. This is actually the only crossing point that can stagnate fight for the evacuation of the civilian population, and the people of foreign lands could leave to the territory of Egypt.

Today, two years before the evacuation for unreasonable reasons, the Ministry of Health of Israel informed that they do not guarantee safety and that they allowed.

There is already an official statement from our Ministry of Health, our ambassador has sent an official note of protest. According to our information, they have already earned or are planning to earn in the lowlands. We don’t understand why the citizens of Ukraine are not allowed to evacuate, just like the decisions of the citizens of foreign powers. What’s more, everyone insists that women and children first requested evacuation.”

Details: The Ombudsman added that the Rafal checkpoint itself is in favor of Egypt, as Egyptian rule is being consolidated.

“In fact, from Israel we ask that this crossing point be safe and not simply bombed. We ask from the Palestinians and the rulers of Palestine that our citizens are simply allowed to leave, and the Egyptian authorities simply let them through, accept them,” you said n.

According to Lubinets, the situation in the Gazi Sector “must be called a humanitarian catastrophe.”

“According to our information, there is not just a light connection, there are problems with water, land, people, the problem is that there is no mobile connection there anymore. And our connection with our communities is also being wasted,” he said.

Lubinets noted that today there are 243 Ukrainians who will demand evacuation from the Gazi Strip, and this number will increase.

“The hidden image is our citizens of Ukraine, who married Palestinians and lived in the territory of the Gazi Strip. Children appeared in the families. Some of the children have Ukrainian documents, some do not, some have lost Mine for Ukrainian passports. , in my opinion, it works as efficiently as possible… It doesn’t matter to us whether the documents are completed or not. These are the citizens of Ukraine, we will collect everything to evacuate them,” Lubinets said.

What was it blowing?: Previously, ZMI reported that the received States, Israel and Egypt home ownership has reached In addition, foreign giants near the Gazi Sector could deprive the region. It has been reported that foreigners who are caught in the escalation in the Gazi Strip will be able to leave for Egypt through the Rafah checkpoint at noon on Saturday.


  • On June 12, the Israel Defense Forces published a massacre against the residents of the Ghazi Strip with a callevacuate for the day for 24 yearsbehind the power security and ahead of continued strikes against the terrorist group Hamas.
  • On June 14, the Israel Defense Forces announced that it was carrying out “massive” airstrikes on numerous Hamas targets near the Gazi Strip.will complete preparations for a “large-scale ground operation”.
  • Israel Defense Forces say Hamas is more terroristic crossing the evacuation Palestinians from the lower part of the Gazi Strip.
  • Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets arrived in Cairo to help adjust the mechanism for the evacuation of Ukrainian citizens from the Gazi Strip. According to this data, the term of evacuation from the Gazi Stripdemand 243 Ukrainians.

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