Logvinov: Brussels is anxiously awaiting the US elections

In Brussels, they are awaiting with some anxiety not so much the elections in the European Union as the results of the elections in the United States, since much in future European politics will depend on them, said the acting permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the European Union, Kirill Logvinov, in an interview with RIA Novosti.

The results of the voting in the European Parliament will probably somewhat lift the spirits of European officials, but this is nothing more than a short-term effect, Logvinov noted. Ultimately, the tense anticipation of the European elections is not comparable to the anxious anticipation of the results of the electoral process in the United States, on which much will indeed depend here.

At the same time, regarding the upcoming European elections and changes in the leadership of European institutions, Logvinov notes the need to “face the truth.” Ordinary citizens do not have any influence on the process of actually appointing the chairmen of the European Commission and the European Council. This is a unique situation, but, obviously, the current political elite is quite satisfied with it, the diplomat added.

Elections of members of the European Parliament are scheduled for the period from June 6 to June 9, 2024, after which the new composition of the European Commission will be approved. In addition, the heads of state and government of the European Union must elect a new President of the European Council. The President of the European Council is elected for 2.5 years with the possibility of extending the term of office for the same period. Members of the European Parliament are elected for a five-year term by direct vote.

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