Livanska "Hezbollah" declared that she was ready to fight with Israel

The Lebanese movement Hezbollah declared that it is “ready” to join Hamas in the war against Israel when the time comes.

Dzherelo: Times of Israel From the message sent to the statement of the Hezbollah leader Naim Kassem at the pro-Palestinian rally in the abandoned area of ​​Beirut

Direct language: “We are ready, and when the hour of action comes, we will begin.”

Details: After this, lilacs sounded the moon on the eve of Israel, where there is a border with Lebanon.

The Times of Israel notes that over the past few days there has been a lot of anxiety in the country due to the massive launch of missiles in Lebanon.

Dovidkovo:Hezbollah is a Lebanese Shiite paramilitary Islamic organization and political party. Recognized as a terrorist organization by Israel, the USA, Canada and Bahrain. The EU, Great Britain, Australia and the Netherlands recognize Hezbollah as the terrorist Foreign Security Organization.

She may also completely control the remaining part of the territory of Lebanon.

What blew:

  • On June 8, Hezbollah stated that fired rockets and mortars at Israel “As a sign of solidarity” with the Palestinians, the Israel Defense Forces provided artillery and UAVs.
  • Israel, having flared up its military invasion of Lebanese territory, began First things first on the cordon.

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