"Lebed – on trial": The SBU has completed an investigation into the death of Metropolitan Pavel of the UOC-MP

The Security Service of Ukraine completed the investigation and sent to the court an indictment against the rector of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra Pavel, which is indicative of further activity against Ukraine.

Dzherelo: SBUKievska regional prosecutor’s office

Details: According to the intelligence services, the Metropolitan (in the world – Petro Lebid) is accused of two articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine:

  • Part 2 Art. 161 (violation of the equality of the communities due to their religious changes, the commission of service personnel again);
  • Part 3 Art. 436-2 (vindication, recognition as lawful, suppression of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, repeated commission by a service person).

The sanctions of the articles extend up to 8 days of relief from the confiscation of the lane.

As the investigation established, the Metropolitan repeatedly publicly expressed the foundation of Ukraine as a sovereign power.

He also called the Russian military aggression against Ukraine a “huge conflict”, which is disturbing from 2014.

The SBU seems to say that the court’s linguistic examination initiated by them confirmed the facts of the cleric’s malicious actions.

The prosecutor’s office states that the indictment was filed before the Pechersky District Court of Kiev.


  • 1st April 2023 to Metropolitan Paul (Petro Lebid)handed to the suspectin the “destroyed equality of the citizens there lies the conflict between their religions” and the “glorification of participants in the brutal aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.”
  • SBU publicizedslicedfrom telephone calls and Paul’s sermons.
  • Swanin the courtroom, declaringthat we are “against aggression”, without even knowing about Russia.
  • 1st quarter of the Shevchenko District Court of Kiev sent Metropolitan of the UOC-MP Pavel underhomemade celibatearrest, ale 14 lipnya Solomyansky district court of the capital, changing the exit toTrimannya under VartaI have the opportunity to contribute up to 33 million hryvnias.
  • 7th sickle it became clear what Lebed’s outpost was brought in And from the pre-trial detention center.

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