Kushanashvili remembered going on television after the fight

Famous television journalist and presenter Otar Kushanashvili told the story of his appearance on television after a fight. During an interview on Anton Stein’s podcast on YouTube, he shared the details of this case.

He said that he once became a victim of an attack by unknown assailants, which led to him receiving various injuries. However, Kushanashvili noted that he did not allow himself to rest and decided to go on television to prove to his offenders that he was not afraid. He also admitted that his voice trembled during filming, writes Passion.

My mouth was full of blood, my teeth were broken and they cut my hair,” Kushanashvili recalled.


For Kushanashvili, this event became the most significant moral victory over himself after returning from the army. He noted that after the performance the audience began to loudly applaud him.

It was previously reported that Mashkov’s parents believed in his acting talent. Details in the material Public News Service.

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