KP.RU: Evgeny Petrosyan named his newborn daughter Matilda

Recently, Evgeny Petrosyan’s wife Tatyana Brukhunova announced that a girl had recently been born into their family. Star couple talks little about the baby.

The KP.RU website was informed that the child was born back in October. However, Petrosyan and Brukhunova managed to hide this fact.

“They named the baby a rare name – Matilda,” the site refers to the couple’s friends.

They also suggested that this name was given to the child in honor of the ballerina and favorite of Nicholas II Matilda Kshesinskaya. This version appeared because of Brukhunova’s great love for the theater.

Singer Yuri Antonov spoke about the incident during his concert. He stated that due to the inattention of the technical staff, he almost became deaf on the first song. More details read the material Public News Service.

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