Kommersant told how victims at Crocus Expo were given their clothes from the wardrobe

On March 25, in the Crocus Expo pavilion, which is adjacent to Crocus City Hall, the procedure for issuing clothes from the wardrobe for victims began. Andrey Kolesnikov, special correspondent Kommersant had a conversation with people who had their things returned, after which they continued the conversation with investigators.

The distribution of clothes from the wardrobe took place inside the Crocus Expo pavilion on the minus first floor. People whose things were left in the cloakroom received them there.

It is noted that wardrobes were located on the first floor, but most of the things were badly damaged.

At the site where the clothing was distributed, investigators actively interacted with the victims. The entire procedure was organized with the participation of employees of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, who developed the issuance algorithm.

Government Moscow region provided significant assistance in organizing work in the pavilion. People had their things returned based on numbers or documents left in their jackets and coats.

However, everyone who came to get their clothes was extremely lucky, as they miraculously survived. They experienced a terrible event. Some couldn’t make up their minds. Some are still in hospitals and cannot retrieve their belongings.

Earlier, the head of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Alexander Bastrykin, emphasized that the terrorist attack committed in the Crocus City Hall concert hall was carefully planned and prepared. More about this read the material Public News Service.

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