Kommersant learned about problems with chicken at KFC and Rostic’s

Fast food chains are facing a chicken shortage. About it writes Kommersant with reference to the Unirest company (manages KFC and Rostic’s in the Russian Federation). In addition, Unirest complained about high prices.

A source among poultry producers told the newspaper that Unirest, as a large consumer, is “trying to escalate the situation in the market.” The company has specific requirements for products in terms of packaging and packing, he noted.

In addition, the interlocutor continued, Unirest enters into long-term contracts under which the supplier is almost unable to adjust prices.

Another market source explained that such purchasing conditions are due to KFC’s strong dependence on one product.

At the same time, no shortage of chicken meat was noticed in “Vkusno – period”, the “Rakovaya” and “Anderson” chains. At the same time, all the surveyed catering operators are concerned about increased purchasing prices.

The Ministry of Agriculture emphasized that the market is supplied with poultry meat, and enterprises are also increasing production volumes. They noted that “all existing capacities are now being used.”

October 14 RIA Novosti with reference to Rostic’s and KFC reported about the shortage of chicken meat in Russian restaurants. The problem was also confirmed by the head of the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia (FRiO) Igor Bukharov. The Ministry of Agriculture then stated that the domestic consumer market was “fully supplied with poultry meat.” They added that they expect positive dynamics in the industry by the end of 2023.

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