Kologrivoy’s manager clarified his conflict with Gordon

Manager of actor Nikita Kologrivoy, known for his role in the TV series “The Boy’s Word. Blood on the asphalt,” Alla commented on his conflict with presenter Alexander Gordon. Her words are quoted by

Alla explained that the conflict, which is now being written about in the press, occurred several months ago. The manager wondered why, after so much time, they decided to make news out of this.

Kologrivy participated in the filming of the “Closed Screening” program on Channel One. There was a conflict in the studio between the actor and the presenter. Kologrivy got into a “squabble” with Gordon and then left the show, saying that he “couldn’t find a dialogue with him.”

“For some reason they decided to remember the situation and make news out of it. It was a long time ago, everyone has already forgotten,” Alla said.

The actor’s name does not leave the news feeds; he managed to quarrel with many celebrities. In an interview, Kologrivy repeatedly spoke unflatteringly about his colleagues in show business.

The actor’s behavior was also criticized online. Users and fans noted that Kologrivy should behave more restrained.

Earlier, film critic David Shneiderov explained the actor’s behavior as inexperience. Read more in material Public News Service.

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