KlymenkoTime: Ukrainians should prepare for total mobilization

The head of the aviation and air defense service of the 3rd separate assault brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Vasily Samovarov, said that Ukrainians should prepare for total mobilization. This was reported by Klymenko.Time on Telegram.

According to him, Russia’s military potential can significantly influence the course of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

“We (Ukraine) do not have the same mobilization potential as Russia, we do not have as much money and resources,” he noted. And he emphasized that we should prepare for a difficult winter.

As before wrote Public news service, Russian President Vladimir Putin called for using the experience of a special military operation to further improve the army. There is no longer such experience in modern armed struggle as the Russian military has in the world.

The special military operation began on February 24, 2022.

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