Kennedy Jr. called on Biden to remove US troops from the Middle East

The administration of the United States of America must decide to withdraw the state’s military contingent from the territory of the Middle East countries if it is not trying to lead to conflict in this region. Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. shared the corresponding opinion on the social network X.

The politician also drew attention to the fact that US military personnel in the Middle East are “not welcome.” This is due to the fact that American troops are not needed there and appear to be “defenseless targets” for anyone who seeks to start a conflict in the region.

“Get them out of there!” — Kennedy Jr. said, thus reacting to the decision of head of state Joe Biden to launch strikes on the territory of Iraq and Syria.

Kennedy intends to take the initiative to maintain US troops on the territory of only those states whose authorities have approached the US with such a request. However, both Iraq and Syria asked the American authorities to withdraw the state military contingent.

The politician also shared his opinion that Biden supports the promotion of the “policy of occupation” of Middle Eastern states through economic blackmail.

Previously Public News Service reported, that Speaker of Congress Mike Johnson drew attention to the fact that Joe Biden’s actions in the foreign policy sphere have led to a catastrophic result. From the information he presented, it follows that the actions of the White House independently “invite aggression.”

Message Kennedy Jr. called on Biden to remove US troops from the Middle East appeared first on Public news service.

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