JAMA: Living in a safe neighborhood promotes child development

Researchers from Washington University in St. Louis found that living in a safe neighborhood, good nutrition, positive interactions and a stable sleep schedule are the main factors in a child’s healthy behavioral and cognitive maturation. The scientists published the results of their work in the journal JAMA Pediatrics.

During the study, the authors analyzed the living conditions of 232 mothers and their children during the first year of life. They recorded information about food, leisure, sleep and places of residence of the subjects. When the children reached the age of three, the researchers analyzed their social, emotional and cognitive development, and also carried out magnetic resonance imaging to scan the brain structure of the study participants.

Scientists have found that even children who were born into disadvantaged and resource-poor environments are able to develop normally mentally if parents make efforts to provide them with adequate nutrition, sleep and safety, as well as to organize joint leisure and learning activities.

Based on the position of the study’s authors, these elements of favorable maturation may seem obvious. But during the first year of life, each of them ensures the development of a stable foundation for the child’s future development, and also increases the chances of his successful integration into society. This fact is probably due to the flexibility of the developing child’s brain to perceive what is happening.

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