Izvestia: a Russian saved dozens of Crocus visitors with an ax

A visitor to the Crocus City Hall concert hall saved dozens of people with an ax, cutting through several doors. Eyewitness Tatyana told Izvestia about her experience of surviving the terrorist attack.

Arriving at Crocus early, she heard screams and the sounds of shooting, saw guards closing the glass doors and the first terrorist entering the building.

In the hall, she hid with other visitors behind the seats, and then, together with others, went to the doors. The guard began to lead the people who were in the corridor further away from the scene of the attack.

“And there was a man who found a fire ax and broke down the door. We went out to the technical rooms, and he went upstairs, looking for where he could cut through the ceiling or floor. The fact that he was very confident with this ax made me feel better that he was with us,” the woman said.

As a result, they reached the basement, where they learned about the imminent arrival of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Earlier, a security guard at the Crocus City Hall concert hall named Alexey Osanushkov told how he helped evacuate more than a hundred people during the terrorist attack. More about this read the material Public News Service.

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