Israeli Ambassador: Russian citizens may be among those abducted by Hamas

The Palestinian group Hamas kidnapped a large number of people in an attack on Israel, including Russian citizens. This was announced by the Israeli Ambassador to Moscow Alexander Ben Zvi.

“The number of hostages is high. But we don’t have exact data yet. Many people mention a number of around a hundred. Now everything is sorted out. Here they say that there is [среди них]maybe citizens of Russia and so on,” he said (quote according to TASS).

At the same time, as the ambassador clarified, there were no reports of Russians among the hostages.

On the morning of October 7, the Palestinian armed group Hamas began firing rockets at Israel. As a result of the hostilities, according to official data, more than 350 Israelis were killed and more than 1,800 were injured. Mass abductions of Israelis and guests of the country were reported by the group. On the Palestinian side, over 200 residents were killed and about 1,700 were injured.

Israel launched Operation Iron Swords. The army on the morning of October 8 announced the evacuation of all residents on the border with the Gaza Strip to a depth of at least 4 km within 24 hours before the start of a ground military operation there, said the spokesman for the country’s armed forces (IDF), Daniel Hagari.

Earlier, the Lebanese group Hezbollah expressed support for the militants by launching strikes in northern Israel, the latter retaliating with artillery strikes.

Moscow called on the Palestinian and Israeli sides to immediately cease fire, stop the violence and establish a negotiation process with the assistance of the international community.

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