Is Russia facing a banana crisis?

In the near future, Russians can expect interruptions in the supply of bananas from Ecuador, against the backdrop of a ban on imports of products from five Ecuadorian producers, effective from February 6.

What will happen to banana prices due to interruptions in fruit supplies and whether they can start growing bananas in the south of Russia, he said Head of the civil committee “For Honest Products” Alexander Brazhko.

“We see the devastating effects both African swine fever and bird flu have had on our agriculture, so these measures are necessary. Will prices for this exotic fruit increase? On the one hand, it is remarkable that the Russian market has a significant influence on the world market. This is expressed in the fact that if in Russia we increase prices for bananas two or three times, introduce a so-called social margin, in other countries bananas will become more expensive in the same way, which may cause prices for industrial goods that we export to rise. to other countries. On the other hand, Russian consumers are tired of the seesaw that is being created for their wallets. Bananas are a staple product for every retail store. The price of bananas in online trade is an indicator of the price level for certain food products.”

However, Russians will not have to be completely left without their usual fruits. Partial imports of bananas from India have already been established, although there are still logistical difficulties. In addition, negotiations are underway with Ecuador to resume supplies.

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