Iranian director Mehrjui and his wife were found murdered in their home

Iranian director Dariyush Mehrjui was found murdered along with his wife Vahida Mohammadifar in their home in the city of Zibadasht in Iran. About it reported IRNA agency.

The bodies were discovered by the director’s daughter on Saturday, October 14. She was invited to dinner and upon arrival found the couple dead with stab wounds. An investigation into what happened is now underway.

Dariyush Mehrjui was born in Tehran on December 8, 1939. The director is known for his films “Cow”, “Bet”, “Sara”, “Mistress”.

He was nominated for the Golden Prize at the Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF) in 1971 for the film Mister Naivety. In 1998, he received the Silver Hugo Award at the Chicago Film Festival for the film The Pear Tree.

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