Iran doesn’t seem to mind planning an attack on Israel

The United Nations mission to Iran said Tehran would not count for one of the worst attacks on Israel in history, since the Islamic group Hamas massacred 700 Israelis and Dozens more spawned.

Dzherelo: Reuters s sent to Mission Iran’s application to the UN

State verbatim: “The decisive steps taken by Palestine are a completely legitimate defense against seven decades of oppressive occupation and the greedy atrocities perpetrated by the illegitimate Zionist regime.

We decisively come out in support of Palestine, but we do not take part in Palestine’s invasion of the West, the remains of the stench are taken up, including by Palestine itself.”

Details: This means that Iran does not accept that Hamas is supported, financed and created by the grouping, as well as the other Palestinian militant organization “Islamic Jihad”.

The UN mission to Iran said that the “success” of the Hamas operation was due to its insatisfaction, saying it itself led to the “greatest failure” of the Israeli security services.

Verbatim message to Iran at the UN: “They are trying to justify their failure and attribute it to the growing efforts of Iran and its operational plans. It is very important for them (Israel) to come to terms with this, which I am witnessing in the industrial partnership “about those who have recognized the attacks of the Palestinian grouping.”


  • The Wall Street Journal previously reported that security officials Iran was helped to plan a Hamas rape attack on Israel and gave the green light for the attack on the sustria in Beirut last Monday. Vidanna wrote that officers of the Army Corps of the Islamic Revolution of Iran worked with Hamas from the sickle to develop a ground and sea invasion plan.
  • 7 zhovtnya Hamas launched a massive missile attack on Israel, fire broke out in the area. Set up for the evening of the 8th The number of people killed in Israel as a result of the Hamas attack exceeded 700 people, It was over 2200 early.

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