International Red Cross warns of consequences of evacuation of Gaza residents

Israel’s calls for the population of Gaza to leave their homes within 24 hours are incompatible with international humanitarian law and could lead to disaster, the press service of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Moscow told Vedomosti.

The ICRC noted that nothing can justify the attack by the Palestinian group Hamas on Israel, but this cannot justify the complete destruction of Gaza. The organization calls on the parties to the conflict not to neglect legal obligations regarding methods and means of warfare.

“The instructions given by the Israeli authorities to the population of Gaza City to immediately leave their homes, coupled with a complete blockade, are incompatible with international humanitarian law. This puts the lives of more than a million people in the Gaza Strip at even greater risk,” the commentary said.

The ICRC believes that the blockade of Gaza will not allow for a safe evacuation, and the efforts of humanitarian organizations will not be enough. “There needs to be a pause in the fighting and it is necessary to allow humanitarian aid to be delivered to the people of Gaza,” the Red Cross said, noting that the people of Gaza cannot know which areas will come under attack next.

Earlier on October 12, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) called Gaza civilians evacuate to the area south of Wadi Gaza. In addition, residents should not approach the security fence area on the border with Israel. Citizens will be able to return to their homes after notifying the Israeli army, the statement said.

Also, UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said that the Israeli Ministry of Defense and the IDF notified the organization of the requirement for 1.1 million Gazan civilians (a total of 2.3 million people live in Gaza, writes Reuters) to move to the south within 24 hours. Dujarric said the UN “deems such a transfer impossible without devastating humanitarian consequences.”

The IDF has been carrying out strikes on the Gaza Strip since October 7, after the Palestinian group Hamas began fighting against Israel. Against the backdrop of the militant attack, the IDF launched Operation Iron Swords, and the country went into a state of war. According to the latest data, the death toll in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has exceeded 2,800 people.

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