Instructions: How to wash a backpack in a washing machine

A backpack is a product that is convenient for carrying things with straps. Backpacks can be for children, adults, travel, school, etc. They are often used in outdoor conditions. Accordingly, this accessory gets dirty quite quickly. Many housewives wash their backpack by hand, for fear of ruining its shape in the machine, but if you follow a number of simple rules, you can wash some backpacks automatically. Public news service I figured out how to wash my backpack in the washing machine.

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Before washing a backpack of any type, you must prepare:

  • remove things from all compartments and pockets, remove various accessories, key rings, toys, badges;
  • check whether the design of the product uses rigid inserts, for example, an orthopedic back. If there are hard elements, they need to be removed so that during washing they do not damage either the backpack or equipment;
  • If there is severe dirt on the backpack, for example, it fell into liquid mud, then it is better to remove it in advance with a wet cloth. If the dirt has dried, it should be removed with a brush before immersing the backpack in the drum;
  • close all zippers, fasteners and Velcro on the backpack so that they do not damage it during the washing process;
  • wash the backpack only separately from other things;
  • You can use fabric softener.

Backpacks made of artificial materials

Synthetics include polyester, nylon, neoprene, and canvas. These fabrics are used mainly to produce backpacks for use in urban environments. Their advantages are that they are waterproof and therefore do not get dirty as quickly. Such backpacks should be regularly cleaned with a damp cloth to maintain cleanliness, and you can use a washing machine for washing. You can wash a backpack made of artificial fabrics as follows:

  1. Remove all contents from the backpack.
  2. If the product is equipped with decorative metal elements, then before washing, place it in a special bag or zippered pillowcase.
  3. Pour soft gel into the appropriate compartment of the machine in the volume indicated on the package.
  4. Put the equipment in washing mode at 30 degrees and spin up to 800 rpm.
  5. Take out the washed backpack and leave it to dry flat without using heating devices.

But in order to minimize the load on the backpack and extend its shelf life, it is still recommended to wash products made from synthetic materials by hand. To do this, you need to soak the item in a washing gel solution for 30-60 minutes and wash it by hand.

Backpacks made from natural materials

Products made from natural fabrics are usually made from cotton and textiles. It is recommended to wash cotton accessories by hand in cold water without soaking, but if the composition is mixed and there are more artificial fibers, for example, polyester (80%) + cotton (20%), then you can use a washing machine. In this case, wash the backpack like this:

  1. Turn the backpack inside out.
  2. Place it in a special bag and place it in the drum.
  3. Add gel or capsules to the desired compartment – they are suitable for washing in cold water.
  4. Turn on the delicate program at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees.
  5. Disable spinning, ironing, drying and other additional functions.
  6. Remove the backpack from the car.
  7. Leave it in the bathtub or in a basin to drain the water. It should not be wrung out, as cotton products tend to shrink quickly.
  8. When the water has drained, straighten the accessory with your hands.
  9. Hang to dry at room temperature.

How to dry

After washing, a backpack made of any material should be left to dry at room temperature, away from heating devices, and also not in direct sunlight. Before drying, the backpack must be opened, all compartments unzipped, straightened and hung in the room.

Which backpacks cannot be washed

The following types of backpacks cannot be washed in a washing machine:

  • bags and backpacks with molded plastic bases;
  • models made of wool or with woolen details;
  • products made of silicone or with silicone inserts;
  • transparent backpacks;
  • backpacks with water-repellent or other special impregnation;
  • models with rigid non-removable parts or frame;
  • backpacks made from cordura, avisent and oxford fabrics;
  • specimens made of leather and eco-leather.

Whatever fabric the backpack is made of, it is important to study the label on the product before washing, on which manufacturers usually indicate acceptable cleaning methods. If you do not follow all the rules, the product will lose its appearance, lose its shape, fade or deteriorate so much that it can no longer perform its main functions.

How to remove odor after washing

Some materials from which backpacks are made can absorb odors. Even washing does not always rid the fabric of an unpleasant odor. To remove odor, you can use the following recommendations:

  • ventilate the washed product after drying on the balcony;
  • if it is a backpack made of artificial materials, then it is recommended to first leave it in a weak solution of vinegar and baking soda before washing;
  • put a bag of coffee beans or tea in your backpack pocket;
  • use special balls to remove odors.

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