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Influencer comes to the rescue of popular Argentine soccer team

The content creator launched a collection of money between his fans and those of El Rojo to pay the million-dollar debts of the soccer club

The Argentine professional soccer team is experiencing one of the worst crises in its history, which is why Independiente turned to the content creator Santiago Maratea, known for creating different collections of money to help those most in need in his country and other countries. parts of South America.

The influencer creates content with his altruistic work, where he has managed to support people who require high-cost medicines and treatments, as well as provide support to athletes from Ecuador, among others.

According to information from the Argentine media, the multimillion-dollar debt of Independiente de Avellaneda exceeds 20 million dollars, among the creditors is Club América of Mexico.

Santiago Maratea launched the money collection last Thursday as a solidarity initiative among Red fans , a fact that went viral in the South American country, achieving that in less than 24 hours, the influencer will raise a million dollars for the cause.

“Closer and closer to paying the debt with the America of Mexico,” Maratea wrote on Twitter this Friday along with the accumulated figure.

El Rojo was sued by América before FIFA due to his debt for the transfer of Cecilio Domínguez , which is 5.7 million dollars, in addition to the issue of the transfer by Silvo Romero being pending, hence the message published by Maratea.

As of today, Monday, May 1, the collection amounts to just over 600 million Argentine pesos, which translates into approximately 2.7 million dollars.

The Argentine influencer would charge millions for the collection of the Independent

Even though Maratea created the non-profit collection from the beginning, the content creator would charge a fortune after the objective for the Red to settle his debt.

“If we put together 8,800 million pesos, I would win 400 million pesos She’s crazy, dude. I am as surprised as all of you, ”Mareta commented on her social networks.

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