Inflation in Russia from September 26 to October 2 slowed to 0.21%


Inflation in Russia from September 26 to October 2 was 0.21%, from the beginning of October – 0.06%. Since the beginning of 2023, prices have increased by 4.54%, should from Rosstat data.

In the week preceding the reporting period, inflation was 0.28%.

According to Rosstat, last week the largest increase in prices among basic products occurred in chicken eggs – by 3.2%. Prices for chicken meat increased by 1%, for lamb, sausages and sausages – by 0.5%, for sunflower oil and margarine – by 0.6%. In addition, the cost of bread and bakery products, pasta increased by 0.4%, and by 0.3% – beef, cottage cheese, dry food mixes, a number of cereals, dry mixes for baby food, wheat flour and rye bread. Prices for canned meat and canned fruit and berries for baby food, as well as sausages, butter, pasteurized milk, and cheeses increased by 0.2%. The same dynamics were demonstrated by prices for lunch in canteens, cafes and snack bars. During the reporting period, prices for sterilized milk, sugar and salt increased by 0.1%.

As for fruits and vegetables, the average price increase in this segment was 0.2%, while the price of tomatoes increased by 7.9% and bananas by 2.3%. Price reductions occurred for cucumbers (3.6%), potatoes (2.3%), carrots (1.9%), apples (1.5%), white cabbage (1.4%), onions (0. 6%), beets (0.1%).

In the week from September 26 to October 2, Rosstat recorded a decrease in fuel prices. In particular, the price for motor gasoline decreased by 0.4%, and for diesel fuel – by 0.1%.

It follows from the data that the price of sanitary pads (0.7%), toilet paper (0.5%), diapers and soap (0.4%), diapers for newborns (0.3%), as well as washing powders and toothpastes (0.2% and 0.1%, respectively). Prices for toothbrushes, like a week earlier, decreased by 0.2%.

At the same time, prices for shampoos increased by 0.7%, for women’s tights – by 0.6%, boards – by 0.5%, T-shirts, men’s T-shirts and tracksuits for children – by 0.4%, men’s socks and sneakers for adults and children – by 0.3%, children’s jeans – by 0.2%. During the reporting period, Rosstat recorded a 0.1% increase in prices for Russian and foreign passenger cars, as well as for smartphones, filter cigarettes and particle boards and oriented strand boards. At the same time, prices for electric vacuum cleaners and televisions decreased by 0.8% and 0.2%, respectively.

For several weeks in a row, Rosstat has noted an increase in prices for multivitamins, ergoferon and other medicines. In particular, over the week prices for multivitamins increased by 1.6%, by 1.4% – for ergoferon, by 0.6% – for allochol, by 0.5% – for analgin, by 0.3% – for combination analgesics, nimesulide and rengalin and by 0.2% for Corvalol. Prices for levomekol decreased by 0.1%.

The cost of air travel in economy class decreased by 3.5% against an increase of 1.6% previously. The cost of living in 3* and 4*-5* hotels increased – by 0.4% and 0.1%, respectively. In hotels of a lower class and in boarding houses, prices fell by 0.2-0.7%.

At a government meeting dedicated to budget priorities for 2024-2026, Minister of Economic Development Maxim Reshetnikov gave forecastaccording to which inflation growth will slow down to 4.5% by the end of 2024, and reach 4% in 2025.


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