In Yekaterinburg, the night sky lit up with white light

At night, Yekaterinburg residents noticed an unusual phenomenon. The sky over the city area turned white. Information about this, citing townspeople, is distributed by the local online publication E1.RU.

“I went out onto the balcony and was shocked. It’s as bright as day outside,” one of the residents noted. Others compared what they saw to being in a room whose walls were painted white.

Journalists shared information that such incidents can occur in winter due to the fact that the streets are covered with snow and the street lights are especially bright. In such cases, their glow begins to reflect the clouds.

Let us remind you that the driver of the car drove the vehicle directly towards the tanker, which was supposed to return to the fire station. There were no injuries as a result of the traffic accident. Read more on the topic read the material Public News Service.

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