In Yekaterinburg, teenagers robbed two stores in one day

IN Yekaterinburg two teenagers aged 13-14 years old robbed two stores in one day. This was reported by the Ural Mash Telegram channel.

According to the channel, young people hiding under balaclavas entered the store and, after several unsuccessful attempts, were able to snatch the cash register.

They entered grocery stores by breaking windows with stones. They were not interested in food; they purposefully stole money along with the cash register. The damage caused to the stores is estimated at 100 thousand rubles.

The teenagers managed to carry out the robbery in just 30 seconds and left before the rapid response team arrived.

Earlier in the Perm region, a block of ice killed a 25-year-old girl. The circumstances of the incident are currently being investigated. More about this incident read the material Public News Service.

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