In Yekaterinburg, a two-year-old child was poisoned with a hard drug

In Yekaterinburg, a two-year-old boy ended up in intensive care as a result of heavy drug poisoning. This information is distributed by the Ural Mash Telegram channel.

It is noted that the couple, together with their two-year-old child, have been living with pensioner acquaintances in Yekaterinburg since October of this year. At some point, the parents went to the store, leaving their son at home. After returning, they noticed that the child was extremely lethargic. The fever syrup did not help relieve the symptoms of the malaise, and the child’s lips also began to turn blue.

The couple called an ambulance. Doctors who arrived on call diagnosed a two-year-old child with psychotropic substance poisoning. The parents subsequently admitted that they had been using illegal substances for three weeks. Law enforcement officials began conducting an investigation into the incident.

Previously, more than forty people who took part in the construction of the new terminal of the main airport of Kamchatka were sent to a medical facility with signs of poisoning. At the moment, the local prosecutor’s office is conducting an investigation into this fact. Read more on the topic read the material Public News Service.

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