In Yekaterinburg, a man forced the bank to return 1.5 million stolen by scammers

A man from Yekaterinburg became a victim of fraudsters and, as a result of a lawsuit, received compensation from the bank.

According to, he opened an account with Raiffeisenbank, using it mainly to transfer money to his parents and for savings, and not for making purchases.

In June 2023, while trying to make a regular transfer through Internet banking from a desktop computer, a man encountered a problem: he was unexpectedly kicked out of the system. When he tried to log in from his laptop, he found that he could not complete the operation. After contacting support for help, he managed to log into his account, but again encountered problems when trying to make a transfer. After contacting the support service, it turned out that the funds were transferred to the accounts of other people without his knowledge.

The bank sent messages to the client, and several times the man entered the code, thinking he was confirming the login to his account or signing a payment. However, it turned out that some of the messages were fake and one of them was used to change the man’s main phone number without his consent.

Lawyer Andrei Smirnov, who commented on the situation, noted that the scammers acted quickly, using new devices and communication methods to transfer funds. However, the bank did not implement the necessary security measures, allowing the addition of a new device and changes in contact details without confirmation from the client.

After the incident, the man contacted the bank and the police, but the owners of the accounts to which the funds were transferred were never found.

Such actions, carried out without the client’s consent, violate the rules of the Central Bank, and banks usually take measures to block new devices to protect against fraud.

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