In Vinnytsia they shaded "the beholder" behind the region, whose gang was engaged in extortion

The law enforcement authorities targeted the evil group against people with “criminal authority” as they engaged in extortion in the Vinnytsia region.

Dzherelo: National PoliceSBU, Office of the Prosecutor General, spivrozmovniks of the UP in law enforcement agencies

Details: The leader of the grouping has the title of “watching” the nickname “Komarov” (after the UP – 45-river Kostyantin Komarov) for the region, which has already been repeatedly brought to the criminal level, including for killing. Among the participants were previously convicted individuals who played the role of the “power bloc.”

Investigators of the National Police established that the organizer (“Mosquito”) gave bets on who to extort money from, and thought out a plan for the successful implementation of evil intentions. It is documented that the defendants threatened the man and his relatives with physical violence and murder after selling a plot of land “without their knowledge” for over 2.6 million UAH.

The main argument of the criminals was their irresistible authority: having said that any crimes on the territory of the Vinnytsia region can only be done for their own sake, but for that they must pay.

Once the patient was convinced to give up money, representatives of the so-called “power bloc” began to re-investigate and threaten him. Through this, the man moved beyond the border areas, but the villains did not hesitate and continued to blackmail him. Abi to kidnap his relatives and “virish the food”, then turned to Vinnytsia, where the soldiers brutally beat him. Also, without resisting the pressure, the Vinnytsia resident was willing to give the magistrates 20,000 US dollars.

At the hour of transferring part of the sum, law enforcement officers were tracking down the leader of the group, the so-called “criminal authority” (“Komar”), and a senior member of the “power bloc” of the evil group, who was previously convicted of murder, assault and infliction of bodily harm (for Danimi UP, 43-year-old Roman Inyakin, known as “Roma Vinnytsky”).

For procedural reasons, the Office of the Prosecutor General was informed of the suspicion of fraud on a particularly large scale due to the involvement of grievous bodily harm.

There is a food supply for the participants of the group of strangers, looking like a triman under the wart, without any special reason.

Pre-trial investigation is clearly concerning for other members of the malicious grouping. Among them is a “criminal authority” who is subject to the sanctions of the National Security and Defense Council (according to the data of the UP, 61-river Ashot Burlak, nicknamed “Ashot”).

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