In Vidnoye, a girl swallowed a coin during a break at school

IN Moscow region A seven-year-old girl ate a ten-ruble coin during a break at school. The portal MK.RU reported this on Friday, March 15.

It is specified that the incident occurred in Vidnoye. According to preliminary information, the first grade student was playing with friends. Suddenly the girl wanted to hide the coin from her classmates and put it in her mouth, after which she accidentally swallowed it.

The first-grader reported everything to the class teacher, who told the family and the deputy director of the school. Together with the teachers, the child’s mother decided to take the victim to hospital. Doctors took an x-ray, during which it turned out that the coin was near the exit from the stomach at the entrance to the duodenum.

The schoolgirl was prescribed to drink Vaseline oil and sent home.

Earlier, the son of Mikhail Shirvindt ended up in the hospital after accidentally swallowing a coin. More about this read the material Public News Service.

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