In Venezuela, Maduro was nominated as a presidential candidate for a third term

The current President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, was unanimously elected as a candidate for the post of head of state in the elections that will take place in the country this summer. The corresponding decision was made at the congress of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (USPV), as well as in accordance with the opinion of its youth wing. Information about this is distributed by the TV channel Venezolana de Televisión.

It is clarified that in order to carry out internal party voting, a forum was organized, which took place in the largest sports and concert hall in Caracas, the Poliedro. Media representatives clarified that the site, located in the capital of Venezuela, can accommodate about 20 thousand people.

It is noted that Maduro is the chairman of the ECPV. His candidacy for the post of leader of Venezuela was put forward as a proposal even before the forum in Caracas and received support from more than four million citizens of the country, the TV channel specified. For these purposes, meetings of primary party organizations, as well as communal councils and public organizations were organized, which took place in many cities of the state.

Previously Public News Service reportedthat Nicolas Maduro spoke negatively about Vladimir Zelensky, who allowed himself to criticize the Pope, who called for peace in Ukraine. The head of Venezuela called the leader of the Kyiv regime a clown.

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