In the US, an anti-Ukrainian candidate suddenly failed in the election of speaker of the House of Representatives

Opponent of aid to Ukraine Jim Jordan is again not elected Speaker of the US House of Representatives. Moreover, the vote showed that he was receiving support from fellow party members.

Dzherelo: “European truth”

Details: By the time of voting on Wednesday evening, 199 Republicans had voted for Jordan – one less, lower in front: Vern Buchanan supported the candidacy of another party member, Brian Donalds (and became the only one who voted for him).

Any candidate for seat as Speaker of the House of Representatives must secure the support of at least 217 congressmen. Although the Republicans have a formal majority of 221 mandates, they cannot go unified in favor of a candidate.

All 212 members of the same party voted for Hakim Jeffries’ Democratic Party – who had previously vowed not to support any representative of another political party.

Guess what:

  • Jim Jordan- one of the most active supporters of US President Donald Trump and an opponent of increased aid to Ukraine.
  • 3rd anniversary of the imprisonment of the Speaker of the House of Representativeswake up Kevin McCarthy. This became under the grip of the far-right wing of his Republican Party, de McCarthy was called in collaboration with the Democrats and the “dark place” to help Ukraine.
  • Wherefore the US House of RepresentativesI can’t praise the new lawsincluding further assistance to Ukraine, until the election of a new speaker.

Read more about Jordan at materials from “EuroPravda”.

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