In the United States, a woman fired at 65 accused her employer of discrimination

In the US, a 65-year-old woman who was fired from her job because she refused to retire won her lawsuit and received more than $105,000 in compensation from her former employer. The Miami Herald reports this.

She held a purchasing position with J&M Industries Inc for 20 years. However, when she turned 65, she was fired. The official reason was the abolition of the position due to economic instability. However, the former employee stated that managers began asking her questions about her pension and why she did not want to leave.

Company officials believed the allegations were unfounded and argued that their interest in the woman’s pension was purely out of strategic planning and curiosity. Moreover, they argued that the new employee (a 39-year-old man was invited to replace her) had broader responsibilities than his predecessor.

However, the court decided in favor of the woman. J&M Industries Inc was found guilty of age discrimination and was ordered to pay it more than 105 thousand dollars (about 9.5 million rubles) in compensation, as well as reimburse all losses and legal costs. The company should also provide anti-discrimination training to its employees and review its policies.

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