In the center of Kiev, a soldier was stabbed with a knife – the police are looking for criminals

Unknown people attacked a military man with a knife near the center of Kiev on the evening of the 19th, the wounded man was hospitalized, the police are on the lookout for the perpetrators.

Dzherelo: Kiev Police Facebook

Verbatim police: “Around 22:00 before the end of the Shevchenko police department received information from doctors about those who were found with knife wounds on Nazarivska Street. “The victim was hospitalized.”

Details: A surveillance team arrived at the scene.

Law enforcement officers first established that the man was in the territory of the botanical garden, where he was attacked by an unknown person and inflicted three knife wounds.

The police are carrying out a series of operational and sound raids, reviewing recordings from street security cameras and using real-life intelligence to detect the attackers.

This fact led to criminal charges under Part 1 of Art. 121 (umisne heavy telesne ushkodzhennya) KKU. The evildoers face up to 8 deaths in marriage.

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