In Russia, the number of complaints from those mistakenly recognized as debtors has decreased tenfold

The number of complaints from citizens mistakenly identified as debtors, which the Federal Bailiff Service (FSSP) of Russia received, decreased by 90%, reported on the department’s website.

The FSSP associated this dynamics with the law that came into force last summer, obliging to indicate the SNILS, INN or other additional identifier of the debtor in the application for the issuance of a court order and other enforcement documents.

“However, cases of erroneous identification of citizens as debtors are still recorded. This applies to enforcement proceedings initiated on the basis of enforcement documents issued before the entry into force of this law and in which there are no identifiers of debtor citizens,” the department noted.

In such cases, citizens who bear someone else’s debt can use the FSSP “Internet reception” service or a chatbot on the department’s page in “VKontakte”.

Earlier in August, Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting with the director of the FSSP – chief bailiff of the Russian Federation Dmitry Aristov called FSSP works correctly with people. During the meeting, the head of the FSSP described “the portrait of the average debtor.” According to him, this is a man or woman 30–45 years old with an average debt of about 173,000 rubles. one enforcement proceeding each. Aristov added that this category of debtors usually does not work and does not have an official source of income. “There is practically nothing to take from these people,” he clarified.

Aristov expressed concern about the growth of credit debt. According to him, now it is 2 trillion rubles. Putin responded by calling the current situation a “problem of the state.” According to the president, “it is necessary to prevent people from having such life situations.” To achieve this, wages must rise and people’s well-being improve, he noted.

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