In Russia, social benefits increased by 7.4%

Since February 2024, a number of social benefits have increased in the Russian Federation. They were indexed by 7.4%. The entire list of payments that are affected by indexation is contained in the draft government resolution.

In particular, the size of monthly payments for federal beneficiaries has increased. This will affect disabled people, Heroes of the Russian Federation, the USSR, veterans of the Great Patriotic War, Heroes of Labor, Chernobyl survivors and others.

The size of maternity capital has also increased. Currently it is 630,380.78 rubles for the first child and 833,024.74 rubles for the second. Parents who have registered for maternity capital for their first child will be able to claim an additional payment of 202,643.96 rubles at the birth of their second.

Earlier, Labor Minister Anton Kotyakov said that on February 1, more than 40 different payments, benefits and compensations would be indexed, including maternity capital, a one-time allowance for the birth of a child, a monthly child care allowance and other social support measures. More about this read the material Public Service News.

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