In Pskov, a mother strangled her children, tired of caring for them and listening to loud screams

The details of the murder of children in the Pskov region by mother Daria Sukhanova were revealed, because she was tired of watching them and listening to their loud screams. The Shot news agency writes about this.

As it turned out, she first strangled her four-year-old son while he was screaming: the mother cut off his access to oxygen by covering his mouth and nose, not allowing him to breathe for more than five minutes. A week and a half later, Sukhanova also strangled a one-year-old baby. Since August, the accused kept their corpses, wrapped in a blanket, on the second floor of a children’s bunk bed.

According to her version, the third eight-year-old child died in early September when she did not go to an ambulance when the girl was feeling unwell. Sukhanova did not strangle her five-year-old daughter only because the daughter’s father wanted to participate in the child’s life and would have made a fuss if there was something wrong with her.

The killer mother named the reason for the murder of three children as fatigue from caring for them, also mentioning that shortly before the first murder she left them alone at home and went out drinking and partying for three days.

At the moment, the court sent Sukhanova to a pre-trial detention center until January 23 next year.

According to the publication, the dead children were found by their grandmother, who arrived to visit her grandchildren along with Daria Sukhanova’s other 12-year-old son, who missed his brothers and sisters.

It is worth noting that the killer mother had previously been registered with law enforcement agencies as a person who improperly fulfills parental responsibilities. All children were conceived by different men. According to information, in 2020, PDN employees stopped monitoring Sukhanova due to her “correction.”

Earlier in Moscow, a father beat his daughter for being too fond of computer games. More about this read the material Public News Service.

As well as wrote Public news service, in the Chelyabinsk region in the village of Mirny, Sosnovsky district, two children died in a fire in an apartment in a two-story apartment building.

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